Continuing Medical Care

  1. What is Continuing Medical Care?
  2. How does Continuing Medical Care work?
  3. Benefits of UFHH Continuing Medical Care
  4. Focus on prevention and treatment
  5. Track Your relatives’ progress
  6. How to sign up for UFHH
  7. Frequently asked questions

1) What are Continuing Medical Care?

UFHH Continuing Medical Care provide preventative care to the elderly and chronically ill whose children and grandchildren are unavailable to address their health needs. UFHH ensures that your loved ones receive top-quality, personalized healthcare while you’re overseas.

If you or your parents suffer from chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, post-stroke and rheumatism or are just interested in maintaining your health, UFHH can help to treat your/their diseases in the home, keep them out of the hospital, and improve their day-to-day lives. We provide more than just medical care; we bring peace of mind.

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2) How does Continuing Medical Care work?

Each Continuing Medical Care is designed for different types of clients and caters to the needs of various medical conditions and healthcare situations. UFHH’s CMC is comprised of a full initial health assessment at a United Family Healthcare facility and a series of visits by UFHH nurses in the home. Each CMC package also includes free quarterly home visits from a UFHH doctor. The frequency of home healthcare visits will depend on the requirements and conditions of each UFHH client.

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3) Benefits of UFHH Continuing Medical Care

Promoting prevention

Preventative care is a key concept in modern medicine. Making healthy lifestyle choices and regularly consulting medical professionals helps people to stay healthier longer and stay out of the hospital. UFHH is instrumental in preventative care as it focuses on ensuring clients have the necessary medical, nutritional, and psychological support they need to stay healthy.

Providing customized care

All UFHH programs are tailored to the individual. Some clients will require home healthcare visits more frequently, some less frequently. Some will require medical interventions while others will only need monitoring. UFHH customized healthcare plans are completed in conjunction with your doctor, your nurses, and other UFH medical specialists, and are implemented by our UFHH mobile teams.

Ensuring Ongoing Health

UFHH has an important monitoring role for clients with chronic or other conditions. UFHH teams monitor clients’ blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, chest sounds, weight and so on to ensure ongoing health. Large changes in those metrics may require additional intervention either in the home or in the hospital. UFHH also monitors medication compliance, which is one the biggest issues among chronically ill patients. Non-compliance can lead to further complications or the onset of additional conditions. UFHH’s monitoring role is critical in ensuring ongoing health.

Managing illness

One of the biggest benefits of home healthcare is its ability to manage chronic illness in the home. As we age, we become more susceptible to developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Our bones become frailer and many of us develop osteoarthritis. We are also more prone to falls in the home. UFHH provides tools to monitor and manage these conditions. These tools include medication administration, IV and other treatments, tube maintenance and replacements, blood draws and other diagnostic tests, coordination of home medical equipment and products. By using home healthcare, clients can more easily and safely manage their and their family’s medical conditions.

Increasing cost effectiveness

Several studies from around the world have found that home healthcare is cost effective for two reasons. First, regular visits to the home performed by nurses and other medical staff do not require large capital investments and thus providers are able to keep costs relatively low. Second, and more important, home healthcare visits can significantly reduce hospital re-admission rates, in some case up to 50%. Less time in the hospital means less expense for the client and his/her family.

Enhancing convenience

As our parents and grandparents age, they often require more frequent visits to hospitals and other care facilities. These visits can be taxing on the schedules of children, grandchildren and other family members. UFHH sends medical professionals to your home so you don’t have to spend time at the hospital.

Offering peace of mind

Finally, UFHH provides peace of mind for a client’s family members and friends. Knowing that your loved ones are being cared for by United Family Healthcare medical professionals can provide great comfort to family members—whether they live with their loved ones or halfway around the world. And with UFHH’s proprietary telemedicine technology, you can monitor your loved ones’ conditions from wherever you are.

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4) Focus on prevention and treatment

Our focus is personalized, concierge medical care. Each client undergoes a comprehensive medical assessment at a UFH hospital and then receives a unique Dynamic Personalized Healthcare Plan (DPHCP), which includes a treatment plan, clinical intervention schedule (home visits), medication administration and tracking, patient and family education, diet and exercise, and vitals monitoring.

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5) Track Your relatives’ progress

UFHH’s proprietary iOS app allows you to track certain medical information about your loved ones to ensure they stay healthy.

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6) How to sign up for UFHH

For more information, you can reach UFHH at +86 (10) 8532 5788, +86(21)22163833 or by email at We can answer all your questions over the phone and respond to emails within one working day.

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7) Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will actually be providing the medical service to my relatives?

All medical services are performed by our own United Family Healthcare doctors and nurses. UFH doctors and nurses are all accredited, qualified, and experienced and all are bilingual in Chinese and English. We do not outsource any medical services.

  • What’s included in the initial medical assessment?

Each UFHH package includes an initial medical assessment performed at a United Family Healthcare hospital. These assessments are comprehensive in nature and may include full medical histories, physical examination, blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds and other diagnostic procedures.

  • My parent/grandparent would like the initial assessment at home. Is that possible?

Yes, UFHH will send a doctor and nurse team to your relative’s home to perform the initial assessment if requested.

  • How do I know which package I should choose?

Each client’s needs are different. Most of our clients choose Package B or C, which includes the initial medical assessment plus 1 or 2 visits per month, respectively. Those with more complex medical issues may choose more frequent visit packages.

  • What if my relative only needs short-term home medical care?

UFHH also provides short-term home medical care and we can tailor a package to fit your relatives needs. For example, many post-stroke or post-heart attack clients use our home service for three to six months after the event to ensure the best possible recovery.

  • Is your service covered by insurance?

At the moment, Chinese insurance companies and Chinese “yibao” do not cover our services. However, we expect that in the future some commercial insurers will begin to offer coverage plans for the elderly or chronically ill in China.

  • Is your home healthcare service refundable?

All United Family Home Health services are eligible for refunds based on UFHH’s refund policy. That policy allows clients to refund the unused portion of their home health package less an administrative fee.

  • What should my relative do in an emergency?

UFHH is not an urgent care service. If your relative has an emergency medical issues, he/she should immediately dial 120 or 999.

  • What happens if my relative needs to go (back) to the hospital?

United Family Healthcare operates comprehensive hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin. Most of our clients choose to use UFH facilities for continuity of care reasons. All UFHH clients automatically become UFH members, entitling them to significant discounts and benefits. However, if your relative would like to use another hospital, we do our best to coordinate care with that hospital.

  • Do you work with other hospitals in China?

We have strong relationships with all major hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin. Most of our clients have been seen in local Chinese hospitals those cities in the past and then sign up for our service.

  • How do I keep track of my relative’s condition?

UFHH’s iOS app allows you to see how your relative is progressing. You can download the app on Apple App Store. In addition, each UFHH client is assigned a client relationship manger, who will keep you informed on a regular basis of your relative’s progress and any issues that arise.

  • What if I have more questions?

We are available to answer questions by email at You will receive a response from us by email or phone within 24 hours. If you are a UFHH client, you will receive special instructions for contacting your relationship manager.

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