On-site Medical Care

Tailored to the actual needs, United Family Healthcare provides you and your organization with on-site and mobile medical support whenever and wherever is the most convenient for you.

Whether for corporation events, conferences, business travels, or sports events and other group activities, our service allows you and your organizations to receive the best medical solution and service standards with the dedication of professionals across UFH network.

Who can benefit from On-site Medical Care?

  • Corporations
  • Large scale conferences
  • Schools
  • VIPs
  • Diplomats and business traveling groups
  • Entertainment organizations
  • Sports events
  • Other organizations and VIPs who seek on-site and mobile medical support

How does On-site Medical Care work?

  • On-site or mobile medical support provided by highly experienced, bilingual UFH doctors and/or nurses
  • Our medical team consists of multidisciplinary specialists who are assigned according to specific needs and situations
  •  Service is provided by hour, by day or by multiple days depending on specific requirements

How does On-site Medical Care help?

  • Assessment of the potential medical needs of the client
  • Diagnosis and treatment for common illnesses, such as cold, fever, acute gastritis, diarrhea, headache, blood pressure fluctuation, joint pain, allergies, and injuries (including bruises)
  • Identification and  basic emergency treatment for acute diseases
  • Medication management, guidance and supervision depending on patient’s medical condition
  • Health consultation on common diseases, personal wellness, mental issues, and more
  • Prior to the arrival of our professional emergency medical team, assessing vital signs and providing basic treatment while organizing on-site rescue, such as first aid and BLS
  • Providing clear explanations to professional emergency medical team
  • Coordination with hospitals, including UFH network and other local hospitals, to meet client’s medical needs as much as possible

On-site Medical Care benefits

  • On-site and mobile medical care wherever you are
  • Customized care to ensure efficiency and privacy
  • Professional team to provide international-standard medical service
  • Client-oriented, warm and caring approach
  • Green channel to UFH network


Experience Home Health

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