Pediatric Development Care

The first 3 years of a child’s life are the most critical in the child’s long-term emotional, behavioral and physical success. United Family Home Health’s Pediatric Development Care is designed to assess child’s development progress from birth to 3 years of age in his or her home environment.

How does Pediatric Development Care work?

(1) Assessment of child’s development

Pediatric Development Care comprises a series of assessments of your child’s development—all conducted in your home with your participation—to assess his or her progress towards development goals.

These assessments are conducted by a UFH pediatrician and nurse team who visit your home on a regularly scheduled basis to assess your child and provide recommendations, professional advice and treatment as necessary to fit the individual needs of your child.

Specific assessments include:

  • Physical examination
  • Developmental review, which includes Gross motor development, Language speech, Vision and fine motor, Social behavior and play
  • Discussion with parents and assessment on home environment

UFH uses internationally recognized assessment tools and methodologies. After the assessment, you will receive:

  • Results of the assessment
  • Key health and development trends of your child

(2) Recommendations for treatment and intervention

According to the results of the assessments and actual needs, you will receive customized advice about your child’s development and recommendations for further assessment and intervention.

(3) Detection and treatment of common childhood diseases

UFH pediatricians will detect and treat common childhood diseases in a timely manner during home visits. The sick children will be referred for treatment by specialists at a hospital when necessary.

(4) Regular telephone follow-ups

Based on actual situations, UFH pediatricians will follow up with families who receive Pediatric Development Care service by telephone on a regular basis.

Pediatric Development Care Packages
Home visit plan is designed to fit individual kid’s age and specific needs;
Long-distance charges may apply depending on location;
We offer a free kindergarten entry health checkup for your kids if over 8 home visits are purchased.

To learn more about how Pediatric Development Care can benefit children aged 0-3 years old, please read the article by UFHH pediatrician Dr. Yang Tianjiao:

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