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Post-operative Care

United Family Home Health provides international-standard post-operative medical care in the comfort of your own home.

The individualized post-operative medical care offers you and your family peace of mind that in-home recovery is as efficient as possible through regular treatment, assessment and rehabilitation counseling provided by highly experienced, bilingual physicians, physical therapists and/or nurses. Our pioneering approach saves you the time and energy of repeatedly visiting a hospital after discharged, and allows you to receive the best medical solution with the dedication of professionals across UFH network.

Who does UFHH On-demand Medical Care help?

Those discharged from hospital after admission or surgery

How does UFHH On-demand Medical Care help?

  • Wound care, such as dressing changes and suture removal
  • Medical procedures, such as drainage, tube replacements and maintenance
  • Administration of medication, including intra-venous medication, intra-muscular injections, topical administration and subcutaneous administration
  • Post-operative rehabilitation and exercise guidance
  • Nutrition assessment and counseling
  • Physical therapy according to individual requirements
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment according to individual requirements
  • Follow-up physical examinations
  • Home specimen collection for follow-up lab tests
  • Educating patients and families on fall risk, bed sore, and medication use, to prevent secondary injury

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