Special Care for Cesarean Section Pregnancies

Postpartum care is vital for new moms, and cesarean section pregnancies require longer and more extensive rehabilitative care. United Family Home Health (UFHH) now offers special postpartum care for new c-section mothers.

This year, if you’re expecting, expect more with from UFHH’s superior Postpartum Care.

Comfort and care:

1) Moms who purchase Prenatal and Delivery Packages together at Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics (BJU), receive a RMB 2,000 discount on the Comprehensive Postpartum Package with UFHH (Total package RMB 7,888). Offer valid from January 1-December 31, 2014.

2) If you’ve recently had a c-section at BJU, UFHH will provide you with one free home visit. To make your reservation, please call our 24hr Service Center at 4008-919191 or UFHH’s Client Manager Ms. Zhao at 189-1023-5513. Offer valid from January 1-March 31, 2014.

For more information about UFHH Postpartum Care Packages, please see the table below (Effective January 1, 2014).


To find out more about UFHH or our Postpartum Care Packages, please call 4008-919191 or Ms. Zhao at (010) 5927 7333. Reach us via email at For more information, please visit UFHH’s website and follow us on Weibo at