United Family Home Health Publishes its First Annual Report

United Family Home Health (UFHH) today published its Annual Report for 2014. This report provides an overview of UFHH’s clinical safety and quality, service standard, client satisfaction and business operation. It is the first annual report since its inception as the pioneering home healthcare provider in China in 2013, and is seen as its first step towards transparency in clinical quality reporting.

In this report, United Family Home Health divides quality indicators into three types: patient measurements, clinical measurements, and operational measurements. Together, these three types of measurements establish an insight into the overall quality of the services they provide.

Dr. Qin Xinyan, Chief Medical Officer of UFHH says, “Continued quality improvement is at the heart of everything we do at United Family Home Health. We attempt to track clinical measures in line with international best practices such as those promulgated by the Joint Commission International. We have a long way to go; this report is a beginning, not an end, of our quality improvement efforts.”

The report covers the key trends of the 10 quality indicators in the past 7 quarters. Through tracking these indicators, it is demonstrated that United Family Home Health is maintaining a high standard of safety and quality of clinical care in the home while making remarkable headway in the market. The report shows that 2800 home medical visits were performed in 2014, an increase of 200% from 2013. Meanwhile, overall care standard and willingness to recommend remains at high level- over 95% and 90% respectively last year.

As Joshua Kurtzig, General Manager of United Family Home Health elaborates, “United Family Home Health provides international-standard medical care to patients from the comfort of their homes. Quality in home healthcare means meeting or exceeding the medical needs of patients and their families while providing a clinically safe and relevant medical service.”

The report also briefly presents UFHH’s outlook for 2015. In addition to the existing Continuing Medical Care and Postpartum Care services, several new services designed for a variety of clients were launched in 2014-15, including Private Family Doctor, Pediatric Development Care and Palliative Care. Furthermore, a great amount of effort will be spending on expanding institutional client base and referral channels for the newly refined On-site Medical Care and Post-Operative Care services, among others.

According to Dr. Qin, as a pioneering home healthcare service of United Family Healthcare (UFH), UFHH has become a significant part of UFH’s comprehensive healthcare and wellness management provision system, alongside its hospitals and satellite clinics in the major cities of China.

In summary, Roberta Lipson, Board Chair of United Family Healthcare says, “Since 1997, United Family Healthcare has spanned six cities in Asia and includes general hospitals and clinics, a rehabilitation hospital, an oncology centre and a home healthcare service. We are proud to publish United Family Home Health’s 2014 Annual Quality Report. Our aim is to continue to improve our quality—for our patients, their families, and for the communities we serve.”

To read the full text of United Family Home Health 2014 Annual Report, please visit: United Family Home Health 2014 Annual Report