United Family Home Healthcare Launches Patient Education Initiative

Beijing, China, August 21—United Family Home Healthcare (UFHH) has launched a healthcare education series, aiming to raise awareness of home health concepts and to promote patient education as an important part of medical care. The first of the series—on osteoporosis and newborn parenting—was held on August 21, 2013 at Yosemite Villas outside Beijing.

At the event, Dr. Qin Xinyan, Chief Medical Officer of UFHH Medical Director, said: “Health education is an important part of home health and in fact of all medical care. Besides medical diagnosis and treatment, education is essential for making patients and their families aware of their conditions and how to manage them over the long-term.”

At the inaugural UFHH patient education event, Dr. Qin discussed how to prevent and treat osteoporosis among middle-aged and elderly population. UFHH’s Dr. Lin Xiaojun talked about how young parents can effectively educate their children to develop good health habits.

UFHH plans to expand its healthcare education initiative to cover more areas of concern for China’s elderly and pediatric populations.

About UFHH

United Family Home Health (UFHH) is one of the first home care services in China with a medical focus. Our vision is to provide clients and their families with United Family Healthcare’s world-class medical care from the comfort of their homes. We’re providing more than just medical care: we’re bringing peace of mind to our clients and their loved ones.