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Diabetic Patients

Once diagnosed with diabetes, a patient must monitor his or her diabetes on a continual basis. United Family Home Health’s doctors will help you develop a plan to track your blood presure. To maintain a healthy blood-sugar level, you may need to take insulin shots under some conditions. Through diet and an excercise plan prescribed by your UFHH physicians, diabetes can be well controlled.

UFHH provides regular visits to help you manage diabetes. Our specialists will check your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and your feet. We will be looking for sores, calluses, loss of feeling and infections to ensure that you are in no danger of losing a limb. In addition, we recommend that you see a dentist and an eye doctor regularly.

Our home health care team will recommend an appropriate home exercise routine personalized to your needs. Physical therapy can help improve muscle strength and the motion of stiff joints, as well as your sense of balance as you age. We can also update your dietary needs, ensure you have the proper testing tools, and review your medications.

Experience Home Health

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