Why Do Our Patients Say, “Choose United Family Home Health?”

Since its start, United Family Home Health (UFHH) has made it a point to collect feedback and respond to customer needs. What do we hear? 100% customer satisfaction. This success is not only thanks to the UFHH medical team’s dedication to high-quality care, but also to the support and loyalty of our wonderful patients. Taken from the original interview in Jing Kids magazine, these patients graciously shared their personal stories.

My UFHH: Mr. Yang

Patient: Mr. Yang’s Mother, 88 years old

My friend suggested UFHH, which we used in August of this 2013. My mother doesn’t necessarily have any special ailments, but mobility is her biggest issue and getting to our local hospital is no easy task. Even if she manages to get the first number in line, waiting between various checks can be a long and laborious process—and waiting 23 hours in a wheelchair is something no one should have to do. Instead of finding health and healing at a public hospital, the hectic pace and disruptive environment can take a toll on older patients’ often already poor immune systems.

Older patients also feel calmer and more at peace at home, rather than entering that chaotic atmosphere that can accompany a hospital visit. The elderly have their habits—and are happy to stick to their routines. But both physicians and family members agree, overall outcome is significantly better for elderly patients when the care is convened in the home.

When physicians and nurses perform on-site service, they’re able to devote their entire attention to care and communicate with older patients. Families are increasingly able to convince their elder, and at times unwilling, loved ones to follow a physician’s directions—a valuable service which can help preserve wellness instead of treat illness.

UFHH services are more convenient than community healthcare. Community health services in theory can come to an elderly patient’s door, but it’s a challenge to keep up and ensure quality of their equipment—and even then Community Health services can’t come to every necessary check-up. Community Health services also don’t have a good Family Physician.

Honestly, I’m not a medical student, so it’s difficult to judge whether or not the attending physician was a particularly good professional or not. My mother didn’t have any particular disease, but the Family Physician that came was pretty good. Online, you can find information about UFHH physicians and their extensive, professional backgrounds. The price is certainly not cheap; however, if there is a need to have UFHH service again, I would pay for it, 100%.

My UFHH: Mrs. Zhang

Patient: Mrs. Zhang’s mother, 82

Previously, an older member of our family had coronary heart disease. Diagnosed with this condition, the family was particularly worried. Even if it was in the middle of the night, we would need to quickly find a way to the hospital. But I’m just one person—I’d need to give my brothers or sisters a call to pick up this older family member and drive them to the hospital.

And then once you’re at the hospital and register your case as an emergency, you still first have to go through a number of checks. Sometimes you have to be in the hospital for quite some time, waiting uncomfortable for two days, while requiring hospitalization.

Now when we use UFHH, we can expect monthly checkups in the convenience of our own home. We can ask what questions we have to the physician in person. And we can set our fears aside—sometimes we can get particularly worried about a certain situation, and when we ask the physician in person, we find out we don’t actually have a problem at all! Previously, before when we’ve had to guess whether or not there’s a real problem, we were nervous to let this older family member stay home—and fall ill. Now, UFHH provides us the peace of mind we need. UFHH staff guides us how to use the medication and how to adjust the dose. After getting this medication and taking it over the past few months, he hasn’t gotten ill.

My UFHH: Jimmy (from the U.S.A.), 67 years old

From Jing Kids reporter:

During his open treatment for fracture of femur, Jimmy’s situation was relatively stable, but he needed to continue having his bandages replaced and his stitches in for a few days. Generally getting stitches removed requires hospitalization, and repeated trips to the clinic after the procedure.

Such hospitalization has high expenses, but if a patient were to just directly discharge from the hospital, it’s the equivalent to completely cutting off contact with the hospital, and the follow up, monitoring, and patient care is difficult to do at home alone. So the family contacted UFHH.

Before Jimmy’s discharge, the nurses communicated with the physician, and after dressing his knee for the trip home, explained post-operative precautions and informed his family on how to deal with his aftercare. The nurses used an iPad to create a record of his condition, and used a family medical app for regular, dynamic recording. Orthopedic surgery patients can utilize UFHH, so that the patient’s case be evaluated and adjusted per each home visit.

Jimmy’s story:
At the end of April, I broke my leg and went to Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU) for surgery. After I was discharged on May 4, UFHH visited my home eight times. Their service is great. Before their help, I simply just couldn’t go out—or drive a car! After these eight treatments, I’ve recovered very well, and don’t have any problems driving.

The attending physician and nurses who came to my house spoke excellent English— I had no problems with communication. They are also very professional.

UFHH costs are high, but I have great insurance, which can cover these costs. But UFHH provides excellent, professional service—it’s worth the price tag.

Read the original story: “Families with Elderly Patients.” Jing Kids Monthly Magazine. Dec 2013: p40.