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Dr-Qin-XinyanQIN Xinyan, MD PhD

Chief Medical Officer, Internal Medical Physician

Dr. Qin Xinyan is an internal medicine specialist and rheumatologist, focusing on geriatric care. Her experience treating elderly patients and leadership in the development of home healthcare in China is a valuable asset to our clients. Before joining UFHH, Dr. Qin worked at the United Nations Development Programme, and at Xuanwu and Ditan hospitals in Beijing. She was also responsible for medical services during the Beijing Olympic Games. She graduated from Tongji Medical University and completed her PhD in Bucharest, Romania at Carol Davila University.

Dr. Qin speaks Mandarin, English, and Romanian.

Dr-Qin-XinyanChristian YANG, MD PhD

Medical Director (Shanghai), Pulmonologist & Intensivist

Dr. Yang Kun received his medical degree from Shanghai Second Medical University, his Master’s of Respiratory Physiology from Paris Creteil Medical School, and his PhD in Immunology from Paris Necker Medical School. Dr. Yang completed his residency specializing in Respiratory Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine at Ruijin Hospital of Shanghai, Tenon Hospital of Paris, Henri-Mondor Hospital of Creteil and Croix-Rousse Hospital of Lyon in France. Dr. Yang has more than 15 years clinical experience in the field of pulmonary diseases and has a special interest in Fibrobroncoscopy and Respiratory Intensive Care.

Dr. Yang speaks English, French and Mandarin.

Wu-JinglinWu, Jinglin, MD


Dr. Wu Jinglin received her Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Medicine and MD Degree in Geriatric Medicine from Capital University of Medical Sciences. She completed her residency specializing in Internal Medicine and became a nephrologist at Beijing Xuan Wu Hospital.
Dr. Wu has more than 19 years of clinical experience in the field of internal medicine diseases. She has special interests in nephrology and blood purification treatment.
Dr. Wu acted as Education Director of Department of Internal Medicine at Beijng Xuanwu Hospital and has been awarded an excellent teacher several times for providing outstanding training courses to junior physicians. She has also won a number of clinical awards, such as Xinglin Physician Awards and first prize in the contest of medical rounds.

Dr. Wu speaks Mandarin and English.

REN_Gang_newREN Gang, MD PhD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Ren Gang received his Medical Degree from Capital Medical University (Beijing) in 1998, and was certified as an orthopedic surgery specialist by the Beijing Health Bureau in 2004. He completed his PhD in minimally-invasive spinal surgery at Aarhus University (Denmark) in 2009. Dr. Ren started his medical career at Beijing Friendship Hospital in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, then working as a full-time clinical doctor in the Orthopedics Department of a hospital in northern Denmark, dealing mainly with trauma and fracture patients. He has researched various topics in orthopedics including spinal surgery, which has been published in Chinese and international medical journals.

Dr. Ren speaks Mandarin, English, and Danish.

CHANG_Ling_newCHANG Ling, MD PhD

Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Dr. Chang Ling graduated from China Medical University in Shenyang with a Bachelor’s Degree in 1986 and later completed a Master’s Degree at the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University. She completed her Medical Doctorate at the Osaka City University Hospital in Japan. She has worked in both China and Japan, and has extensive clinical experience in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Chang speaks Mandarin, English, and Japanese.

Dr-Qin-XinyanYANG Tianjiao, MD PhD


Dr. Yang Tianjiao is an experienced senior pediatrician working in the field of pediatric infectious diseases and liver disease. She has treated many complicated cases, including bacterical meningitis, urinary tract infection, congenital CMV infection, EBV infection and infant cholestasis. She is also skilled in performing lumber puncture, bone marrow aspiration, thoracentesis and liver biology. Dr. Yang graduated from Shanghai Medical University with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Science, and completed her Master’s and PhD in Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Fudan University. She also took part in training programs in Vancouver and London.

Dr. Yang speaks Mandarin and English.

CHANG_Ling_newLIN Xiaojun, MD


Dr. Lin Xiaojun has been dedicated to children’s healthcare for over 2 decades. She has 8 years of clinical experience and over 20 years of experience in children’s wellness. Before joining United Family Home Health, Dr. Lin acted as associate chief pediatrician at the Wellness Center of Beijing Children’s Hospital, a Capital Medical University affiliate.
Dr. Lin has special interests in newborn care, infant and young child feeding, wellness and development, immunization and early childhood education. She provides pragmatic and personalized advice for young parents on breastfeeding, neonatal care, as well as common issues in infant and young child development.
Dr. Lin is a regular lecturer at health talks for parents and infant caregivers. The main topics of her health talks include newborn care, feeding, sleep, early childhood education, good habit formation, and common disease prevention and treatment.

Dr. Lin speaks Mandarin.

Wu-JinglinWU Lianer, MD


Dr. Wu Lianer received her medical degree from Ningxia Medical College in 1983. She served as deputy chief pediatrician at the Pediatric Specialist Clinic and Pediatric Ward of Haidian Hospital before joining United Family Home Health. Dr. Wu has 30 years of clinical experience in pediatrics, and has a special interest in pediatric respiratory diseases and pediatric emergency medicine. In recent years Dr. Wu has also been greatly involved in the field of pediatric wellness, including visits to infants within 42 days of birth, and early childhood education (within 1 years of birth).

Dr. Wu speaks Mandarin and English.

WU_Xiaoyan_newWU Xiaoyan, MD


Dr. Wu Xiaoyan completed her degree in clinical medicine at Peking University Health Science Center, and she completed her Master’s Degree at Peking Union Medical College (PUMC). She worked at PUMC Hospital as a pediatrician for four years, and, during this time, she also received further training at Beijing Children’s Hospital. She has published articles in the Chinese Journal of Pediatrics and the Chinese Journal of Neonatology.

Dr. Wu speaks Mandarin and English.

WANG_Doris_newDoris WANG, RN

Chief Nursing Officer, United Family Home Health

Ms. Doris Wang studied nursing first at the Beijing School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She worked for 17 years at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (Beijing). After her fifth year at the TCM Hospital, she worked for two years in Libya. When Ms. Wang returned to China, she resumed working at the TCM Hospital as Head Nurse before completing a nursing stint at the Singapore National University Hospital. She returned again to the TCM Hospital for another four years before working at International SOS as a Senior Nurse. Nurse Wang joined BJU in 2004.

Ms. Wang speaks Mandarin and English.


Head Nurse (Shanghai)

Ms. Jenny Yan graduated from Shanghai 2nd Medical University, where she majored in nursing. She worked at Huadong Hospital (Shanghai) for 11 years in a range of units, including orthopedics, general surgery, GI and endocrinology. She spent 2 years in Ireland studying and working in Beaumont hospital in Dublin. She came back to Shanghai in 2005 and worked at Shanghai United Family Hospital before joining United Family Home Health.

Ms. Yan speaks Mandarin and English.

XU-YumeiYumei XU, RN


Ms. Xu Yumei graduated from Beijing Jishuitan Hospital School of Nursing and was subsequently certified as a midwife. She took part in nursing training in Singapore and received a Bachelor of Medical Science in Nursing from Peking University. Ms. Xu has over 32 years of experience in OB/GYN, including 17 years at Beijing Jishuitan Hospital and 2 years at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Singapore. She worked at Beijing United Family Hospital as a senior midwife since 2000 and joined United Family Home Health in 2013.

Ms. Xu speaks Mandarin and English.

ZHANG_HongxiaZHANG Hongxia, RN

Midwife, Head Nurse of Maternity Ward

Ms. Zhang Hongxia received her nursing degree from Liaoyang School of Chinese Medicine. She went on to further complete a Nursing Associate Degree at Dalian Medical College. Ms. Zhang has over 20 years of OB/GYN experience. Before joining BJU, she worked as a registered nurse and midwife in the Internal Medicine Department of Shenyang 201 Army Hospital. She then spent a year as a midwife at Riyadh Central Hospital in Saudi Arabia. Ms. Zhang took part in a breastfeeding training course in San Diego, US. In 2011, she became the Head Nurse of the BJU Maternity Ward.

Ms. Zhang speaks Mandarin and English.

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